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Our shop

Our shop in Rosenheim (Duschlpassage) • Max Josef Platz 12a • 83022 Rosenheim

Company history

Year 2012 to future

How innovative traditional handcraft with new ideas can be, shows Barbara Madl the youngest daughter of the family Madl, in her new shop in Rosenheim (Duschlpassage). Thereby she continuous in the fourth generation of „Madl Pelze“ fur business in Rosenheim. Barbara Madl is the address for fashion in fur and leather. The new shop (Max Josefs Platz 12a) has been renovated with new ideas and passion to offer in a nice surrounding a big assortment of lamp skin and leather wear for women and men. At the same time the offer include fur jackets and –vests as well as customized made anoraks with fur lining. Furthermore the young owner sells accessories like fur and knitted caps with or without fur, fur scarfs and lamp skin gloves already to fortunate prices. Certainly she can also renew your old fur coat into a new modern one. Individuality is important. Barbara has grown up in the business since small. She has been finished successfully her furrier exams with a design price 2005. Following Barbara Madl has studied industrial engineering and management in Rosenheim, worked and traveled for a global company in Asia, America, France and Germany for 5 years. „ My international experience has offered me insights of global working, which helps me leading my own company in a new direction“. Fur with modern accents can be presented extremely creative. The modern and partially very colorful articles are available for women and men. All customized products are still designed and produced in the workshop in Zaisering, where her parents produced and sold fur coats the past years under the label Madl Pelz + Leder. Together with her parents, Gabi und Josef Madl, she builds an optimal team. Decades of experience joint with new innovative ideas of the new generation are a great base to fulfill high customers’ demands. 

Year 1982 – 2012

1982 the company form changed again in Madl Pelze GmbH, which was led by Josef Eduard Madl junior with the big support of his wife Gabi Madl. Since 1982 up today many things have changed in terms of fashion, economy and politics. Leatherwear won more on importance. That’s why the product assortment and the company name was changed again to Madl Pelz + Leder. Today international collaboration is self-evident. Production- and manufacture processed have improved all the time. Besides a high number of design prices at furrier competitions Josef Madl won satisfied customers, which also stick to him after the movement from Rosenheim to Zaisering 1995.

Year 1950 – 1982

1950 Josef Eduard Madl consigned the company to his children Josef und Marille Madl. They continued the furrier's trade under the company name Pelzhaus Geschwister Madl and moved from the Münchner Straße 20 to Heilig-Geist-Straße 18. At that time the fur business globally grown to the zenith. The people had accumulated needs in every aspect of life after the Second World War. Fur was expression of happiness and wealth in life. Every different types of fur had a significant value in the society. As a consequence tanning methods and different ways of conditioning fur was developed and improved further. Also pattern and fashion were inspired by the big demand. The company Geschwister Madl bought patterns of Dior in Paris. Continuous visits at trade shows around Europe and a series of prices at the German furrier competition were the reason for a great reputation in Germanys fur fashion world.  Josef Madl developed a couple of different manufacturing methods and got patents for the needed tools. Marille Madl left the company 1970. In the following year Josef and his wife Maria leaded the company under the name Madl Pelze.

Year 1922 – 1950

The company was founded after the First World War. At that time the electricity supply was just in the beginning and much machinery didn’t exist so far. That’s why a furrier factory looked very different in comparison to today. Everything started with fur trade. The local farmers and hunters sold fur from the surrounding area like mole, muskrat, hamster, marten, fox, weasel, badger, etc. The skins were tanned at the local tanner. Furriers and milliners used these skins to produce fashion out of it. Everything was customized single production.